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Paula Henley

Senior Literary Agent, President


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    Acorn Publishing Agents – A Cut Above the Rest

    Our team has placed well over 2,000 titles throughout the world as well as at independent houses throughout the country.

    Though we have represented clients in virtually all genres, our areas of fiction expertise include young adult, literary, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction, as well as inspirational/religious and multicultural fiction.

    Our agents have also placed narrative nonfiction, health, self-help, financial/business and memoirs titles. In the continually evolving world of publishing,

    The Acorn Publishing Agency remains committed to providing cutting-edge services and scouting for fresh, talented, unique voices to bring to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

    Acorn Publishing’s vast experience and personalized hands-on management affords our authors the springboard required to achieve successful writing careers.

    Since 2005 The Acorn Publishing Agency has utilized these principles to guide countless writers from query letters to published books, and in the process, have developed a powerhouse roster of bestselling authors.

    Publishing and Literary Agency - Young Adult and Teen Fiction